Goldston & Butler play Sarah Hennies

Lori Goldston and Aaron Michael Butler present Sarah Hennies’ concert-length work The Reinvention of Romance.

The Reinvention of Romance “for cello and percussion comprises some 90 minutes of spare, economical gestures, played not quite in sync… [resulting in] an extended sequence of simple figures arranged in succinct packets, each repeated at length until a timer prompts moving on to the next… Weaving together the kinds of fragmentary figurations with which Morton Feldman might have evoked twirling mobiles or intricate tapestries, Ms. Hennies instead evokes the slightly akimbo biorhythms of lives intimately conjoined.” – Steve Smith (The New York Times)

Sarah Hennies (b. 1979, Louisville, KY) is a composer based in Upstate NY whose work is concerned with a variety of musical, sociopolitical, and psychological issues including queer & trans identity, psychoacoustics, and the social and neurological conditions underlying creative thought. 

Lori Goldston and Aaron Michael Butler are composer/performer/improvisers based in Seattle. 

Audience members are invited to bring yoga mats or blankets to settle into this immersive sonic landscape, or to explore and navigate the resonant pockets of the wonderfully reverberant chapel space throughout this 90’ performance.