Gregory Allison + Slow Meadow

Gregory Allison creates with a single violin a sound that travels across great landscapes. He has toured the world with violin in hand and is endlessly inspired by the instrument’s journey around the globe, especially it’s use in South Indian Classical music. His live performance blends the Indian Classical melodic improvisation with his classical sensibility as a film composer, offering the listener a sonic journey through time and space. He will performing his 2021 debut album Portal in its entirety, along with new compositions for amplified violin and string quartet.

Slow Meadow, lead by Houston-based multi-instrumentalist Matt Kidd, provides ambient melodies that serve as the perfect soundtrack for moments of reflection and mindfulness in today’s fast-paced world. With a foundation of piano, string orchestration, and an ever-evolving electronic palette, Slow Meadow has traversed the borders of neoclassical and minimalist electronics and delivers a deeply personal and transportive experience that speaks directly to the ebbs and flows and mundanity and marvels of life. With sublime patience, understated elegance, and surreal atmosphere, Slow Meadow savors the present, remembers the past, and imagines what could be.