Ha-Yang Kim’s TERMINALS is a full-length meditative audiovisual work inspired by the peripatetic quality of contemporary life; arrival and departure points, the constant states of flux both in exterior locations and interior realms, sojourns through dense tech-centric cosmopolitan urbania to vast natural landscapes, the extreme degrees of human connection-communion-discord-solitude. Through contrasting seamless sections of sonic and abstracted visual environments, TERMINALS is a contemplation upon the transitory fleeting nature of time, motion and stillness; illuminating the rich moments experienced in between the larger overlapping arc points, thus, the simultaneous vast and intimate spaces which comprise the journey itself.

Composer/cellist Ha-Yang Kim composed and performs multiple instruments (cello, piano, synth, percussion, radio) and is joined by an ensemble of three-time Bessie award winning composer/multi-instrumentalist and frequent collaborator Hahn Rowe (from NYC) who will perform guitar, violin/viola, and electronics, and violist Heather Bentley. Interactive visual artist Scott Keva James will create a live, audio-reactive, composition of projected light using custom algorithms, and found and synthetic footage expressing rhythms, constructing spaces and providing a flowing, immersive experience. Music, video, electronics and live performance come together to create an immersive full-length evening experience.

Presented by Nonsequitur.