Since 2023, improvising artists Heather Bentley, Leanna Keith, and Haruko Crow Nishimura have been meeting regularly to work with Time, Matter, and Questions about the nature of process, ritual, female empowerment, playfulness, movement, invisible connection, and the intersection of movement and sound. Crow, (Director of the Degenerate Art Ensemble), pairs her singular dance output with drumming and vocals. Leanna (Kin of the Moon) brings her taiko and martial arts practice together with her exquisite flute playing and unique voice. Heather (Kin of the Moon) plays cello and brings prompts and questions to the ensemble’s explorations (as does each member). Influences range from ancient pentatonic flute melodies to percussion-driven rituals to Schoenberg and his Pierrot Lunaire moon worship. This evening marks the first public invitation into this practice that the three artists have come to cherish.