Patchwerks benefit!

Celebrate the arrival of spring with an evening of live electronic ambience in support of Patchwerks‘ community space and educational programs, with live performances by Nick Bigelow, Cindy Reichel and Gel-Sol. (Can’t attend? Donate here.)

Nick Bigelow is a Seattle-based audio-visual artist who often-times is just as surprised as the audience about what will be seen or heard during his performances. When not performing as his moniker DJ Weak Acid, Nick Bigelow aims towards ethereal ambient compositions which employ improvisational melodic and rhythmic techniques to conjure hypnotic soundscapes.

Cindy Reichel is a longtime Seattle resident and co-founder of Patchwerks. Cindy uses a highly improvised approach to composition and enjoys performing live throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. She most recently performed at the Wonderment festival in Victoria BC and Knobcon in Chicago, and also teaches music production workshops and classes to Seattle-area students. 

Gel-Sol is the solo project of Seattle-based producer/musician Andrew Reichel. His dichotomous sound spans from ambient soundscapes to complex, rhythmic electronica, creating a dynamic psychedelic universe with heavy emphasis on improvisation.