High Right Now

Hypnotic jams for the discerning listener, High Right Now features the programmatic, minimalist music of composers Brian Lawlor and Benjamin Marx (tov). Lawlor is known locally for his musical work with theater artists Saint Genet and Marx for work with durational choreographer Alice Gosti, among others. A supergroup of local players will perform a seamless evening of their work. Experience an auditory high in an otherworldly, ritualistic environment.

Rose Bellini | cello
Storm Benjamin | percussion
Beth Fleenor | clarinet
Aleida Gehrels | viola
Erin Jorgensen | percussion
Rebekah Ko | percussion
Leanna Keith | flute
Brian Lawlor | piano, synths
Benjamin Marx | keyboards
Rachel Nesvig | violin
Alina To | violin

Production & design:
Erin Jorgensen & Charles Smith

(photo: Kelly O)