Illusion of Safety + Daniel Menche + A.F. Jones

A.F. Jones will play an electro-acoustic partita with lap steel guitar and electronics, improvising narrative and textures.

Daniel Menche presents a relentless dichotomy of extreme musical emotions, the noise and sound is intensely presented to make way for a pure emotional experience. 

Illusion of Safety presents The End, an improvised set of post-industrial dark ambient noise providing a potential space to gaze at the infinite.

A.F. JONES is a Dallas-born, Washington-based musician, composer, and sound designer. Current and past projects include Missive, ‘what’, Telescoping, Steerage, MANKINDA, and Buck Young. Jones manages and operates Laminal Audio, a mastering and sound design studio located in Tracyton, WA, in the West Puget Sound. His most recent film is the acclaimed What Is Man and What Is Guitar?: Keith Rowe.

Daniel Menche is an iconic experimental musician from Portland, Oregon. His extensive history of recording and performance spans three decades and counting. Menche’s sonic abstractions manifest through intense noise, immersive drones, dense ambiance, poly-rhythmic percussion, turbulent nature field recordings, abused acoustic instruments and many other sources. His music is adventurous in execution as well as presentation, creating an absolute, abstract sonic world.

Since 1983, Daniel Burke and his many conspirators under the Illusion Of Safety banner have over the course of 40+ full length releases traversed most every facet of the avant sound plane, from early industrial pop deconstruction to blindingly minimal sound art to densely surreal found-sound collage, each unique approach bending and reconstituting the expectations and possibilities of each realm, creating uneasy music that is dense and dystopian and yet also beautiful. Performing over 300 live concerts throughout Europe and the states included No Fun 2008, the Wroclaw Industrial Music Festival 2009, Sonic Circuits in 2010, with Shen Wei Dance Arts in 2011 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, and at the Crisis Data Transfer Pre-Party October 2023. Outside of IOS Burke has collaborated with Jim O’Rourke, Jon Mueller, Randy Greif, Darin Gray, Z’EV, Cheer-Accident, Thomas Dimuzio, Kevin Drumm, Bill Horist, and others.