“Modern jazz history is rife with strong duos, but Wayfaring stands out by channeling ideas from American folk tradition or the church into music that extends well beyond the language of jazz. Stunning.” – Peter Margasak, The Chicago Reader

Taking its name from a beloved American folk song, Wayfaring is a duo project between bassist/vocalist Katie Ernst and clarinetist James Falzone. What began as a casual meeting between like-minded players has formed into a collective of unusual nuance and depth, drawing on source material from the jazz tradition, hymns, folk songs, and original compositions from Ernst and Falzone. Wayfaring has toured extensively in the US and Canada and has been featured at the Hyde Park Jazz Festival in Chicago and the Earshot Jazz Festival in Seattle. Their debut recording, I Move, You Move, was released in Fall 2017 on the Allos Documents label to much critical acclaim. Their follow up record, Intermezzo, is released January 23rd, 2024 and is celebrated tonight at the Chapel. 

(photo: Shaya Lyon)