Ivan Arteaga’s Neijing Ensemble

Neijing Ensemble began as an opportunity for saxophonist Ivan Arteaga to create gestural and improvisational pieces for saxophone quartet. The inspiration came in large part from the idea of improvising with Neil Welch, Greg Sinibaldi and Levi Gillis in particular; he quickly started using the group to play and arrange other music that he enjoys and they have since accumulated a small body of varied music which they’ll share on this concert. He’ll also present two new compositions for the Quartet with the addition of three acoustic basses, inspired by and based on many improvisation sessions with Carmen Rothwell. This music contains rich and dynamic soundscape development where haunting improvisations abound. Program:

Arrangements of American Folk songs by Ivan Arteaga, Levi Gillis, and Luciano Berio.
An Arrangement of of an Alban Berg String Quartet
Two Original compositions by Ivan Arteaga

Neijing Ensemble is:
Ivan Arteaga – Alto Sax
Levi Gillis – Tenor Sax
Neil Welch – Tenor Sax
Greg Sinibaldi – Baritone Sax
Carmen Rothwell – Acoustic Bass
Abbey Blackwell – Acoustic Bass
John Teske – Acoustic Bass
Katie Jacobson – Voice