Beth Fleenor: Workshop Ensemble

Beth Fleenor: Workshop Ensemble (WE) celebrate the release of SILT – a 16 minute sonic meditation which has been embraced by Bunny Blasto Records. SILT will be available as a limited edition 5.5 x 7.25 print by artist Ollie Glatzer, a visual meditation serving as the physical vehicle of the sonic work, in tandem with a private download of the music itself. SILT will be available for purchase in person at live events, or online via Bunny Blasto Records.

For this performance WE will perform SILT as well as new work for blindfolded musicians. WE are: Michele Khazak (voice), Kate Olson (soprano sax), Brian Bermudez (tenor sax), Chris Credit (bass clarinet), Sam Boshnack (trumpet), Naomi Seigel (trombone), Michael Owcharuk (piano), Geoff Larson (bass), Evan Flory Barnes (bass), Greg Campbell (percussion/horn), Adam Kozie (drums), Beth Fleenor (clarinet/voice/comp).