Kin of the Moon: What Better Than Call a Dance

Kin of the Moon’s show What Better Than Call a Dance is inspired by the relationship of dance to music; how music informs dance and dance informs music. We’ll be collaborating with Beth Fleenor on clarinet, vocals, electronics and Karin Stevens; the two will interweave a series of improvisations interspersed with four new takes on some pre-existing dance music forms composed by Kaley Lane Eaton and Heather Bentley, performed by Kin of the Moon (Leanna Keith, flute, Heather Bentley, violin/viola, Kaley Lane Eaton, soprano/piano/electronics). A hybrid of through-composed and improvised music, the retrospective/reworking includes Eaton’s 22 which is a quasi-jig; Bentley’s Waltz for Three and Conventillo, a backward look at tango music and lyrics, and Eaton’s Hildegard of Bingen-triggered EDM piece.