Lost Chocolate Lab

Somewhere tangled in the frequency-sheets of sound stands a lone guitar player; glaciers of distortion covering invisible mountains of sound with blankets of white noise atop towering peaks. Impossible to reconcile the enveloping sound from common six-stringed instrument; the full-on maelstrom barely representing the visible playback mechanism slung over-shoulder. Expectations submerged in an enveloping cloud of cacophony, dipped in a modulated acid-bath of signal processing and reverberation; sound emerging as a rippling pool of cascading sound-waves lapping on the shore of consciousness.

Lost Chocolate Lab presents a set of solo guitar atmospheric improvisations that weave threads of the new Lost Landscapes album set against a projected backdrop of visuals created to accompany the release.

(NOTE: Possibly Possible has proved to be impossible this time around. No opener, performance begins at 8:30 sharp.)