Michaud Savage

Snapping the line against a wayward plot is a collection of chamber works centering on Michaud Savage’s experience as a fourth generation Seattle-ite and his unique relationship to the Good Shepherd Center.

Michaud Savage is an American artist and performer. As a composer, his work includes compositions for chamber ensembles, orchestra, electronics, Max/MSP, and performance art. Tracing the fault-lines of genre, medium, and contemporary society, his influences reach across a spectrum of musical styles, from early to contemporary classical, jazz, pop, tango, rock, blues, Latin folkloric musics, and sound art.

Michaud frequently performs solo and is sometimes joined by the Ancient Present, a modern music ensemble. On this occasion he will be joined by Jordan Voelker, violin; Alex Guy, violin and auxiliary instruments; Heather Bentley, viola and electronics; Rose Bellini, cello; Ross Gilliland, contrabass; Carl Marti Germain, live electronics and auxiliary instruments.

Presented by Nonsequitur.

Listen to a recording of this concert on BandCamp.