Neal Kosaly-Meyer: Finnegans Wake

Finnegans Wake by James Joyce, Part I, Chapter 1
Staging conceived, directed and performed by Neal Kosaly-Meyer
Sound by Jake Thompson; Sets/Props by Sarah Colburn; Costume by Karen Eisenbrey

An original staging by Neal Kosaly-Meyer of the complete first chapter of Joyce’s novel, performed from memory, with sound design, lighting (darkening), and sets carefully made to evoke the structure of, and form an adequate frame for, the exquisite beauty and luminous obscurity of the text. This performance in all its elements has been prepared with the hope of conveying what Kosaly-Meyer and many others have found so compelling and even magical about Finnegans Wake: its music, its comedy, and the way that one frequently feels like they suddenly “get it” without necessarily being entirely clear about what the “it” is that they are getting.