Nineteen Crimes|Bad Luck|All Region Player

Jen Gilleran was invited to record with Gregg Keplinger, Allison Miller and Sean Lane the week she arrived in Seattle from Costa Rica (before that Denver, before that NYC). It was a powerful and cinematic experience. The Racer Sessions offered her another unique introduction to a community of brilliant improvisers and composers and the band GRID was formed. With over 15 on the roster, GRID performed live to the films of Fritz Lang (Metropolis), Buster Keaton (Cops and Playhouse), Robert Enrico (An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge), Ilya Chaiken (Matchflick), Maya Deren (At Land) and many others at such notable venues as the Northwest Film Forum, Henry Art Gallery, Vermilion, Racer Cafe, The Chapel, Central Cinema, The Royal Room, and the UW Planitarium.

Nineteen Crimes is Gilleran’s latest manifestation of all the images and sounds that swirl in her head and in her garage. Jen Gilleran, turntables/percussion; Erica Carlson, set design; and Joe Malcomb, modulator. Following Nineteen Crimes will be Chris Icasiano and Neil Welch’s badass duo Bad Luck, and ending the evening will be special guests from NYC – All Region Player, headed by the extraordinary talent of Rob Price on guitar with Ben Gallina, bass and Andy O’Neill, drums. Not to be missed!