Rob Angus + Marc Barreca & Brian Fergus

Rob Angus loops, layers and processes acoustic instruments, creating ambient industrial music presented in surround sound. Neil Welch is a saxophonist using largely non-traditional techniques that explore sonic resonance. He is also a composer and performs in a variety of bands and projects. Don Berman is a jazz drummer and percussionist, and a composer and bandleader

Marc Barreca will be playing electro-acoustic loop based compositions with a laptop, modular synth, and MIDI accordion. He has been making electronic music in Seattle since the mid-1970s, releasing a number of projects over the years on the Hawaii-based Palace of Lights label. His most recent releases are the solo project Shadow Aesthetics, and a double CD collaboration with K. Leimer, Dual Mono. Brian Fergus will be playing several compositions of electro-acoustic music featuring ukulele- and theremin-controlled synthetic instruments. Brian taught electronic music for twenty eight years at City College of San Francisco, and currently teaches ukulele technique at Woodstock Ukulele Studio in Portland. Marc and Brian will each play a solo set, followed by a duo set.