Satchel Henneman: New Works for Guitar

Satchel Henneman will premiere six new works by young Northwest composers for classical guitar, electric guitar, guitar and computer, chamber music, prepared guitar and dance.

Lucas Winter’s Frog Perspectives explores temporal ambiguity through the use of constantly changing poly-rhythms against an unwavering pulse. Quitters by Adam Briggs draws on the sustain and uniformity afforded by an electric guitar to form a 10-minute wall of sound. Marguerite Brown’s Ouroboros for guitar and homemade percussion employs a palindromic nature, meant to be experienced the same backwards as it is forwards. 29 by Amelia Coulter for guitar and computer utilizes poetry activated by pitches played on the instrument. Ruby Dunphy’s work Had Happened makes sharp transitions between moments of extreme clarity to points of total chaos reminiscent of heavy metal. Allison Burke presents a dance work based on Kurt Vonnegut’s short story Harrison Bergeron dealing with handicaps, equality, and a distopic utopia.