Seattle Modern Orchestra: Berio’s Sequenzas

SMO players and guests perform a concert of Luciano Berio’s Sequenzas, featuring flutist Sarah Pyle, harpist Sophie Baird-Daniel, soprano Maria Mannisto, pianist Cristina Valdes, oboist Bhavani Kotha, violinist Micheal Lim, and clarinetist Angelique Poteat.

Luciano Berio’s fourteen Sequenzas span more than forty years, an essential catalogue of twentieth century performance. Each work is an astonishing exploration of the experimental potential of modern instruments, and places Olympian demands on the performer. In this concert of seven Sequenzas, witness incredible feats of musical athleticism that push the boundaries of virtuosity and possibility.

Sequenza I for flute (1958, rev. 1992) | Sarah Pyle, flute
Sequenza II for harp (1963) | Sophie Baird-Daniel, harp
Sequenza III for voice (1965) | Maria Männistö, soprano
Sequenza IV for piano (1965) | Cristina Valdés, piano
Sequenza VII for oboe (1969) | Bhavani Kotha, oboe
Sequenza VIII for violin (1976) | Michael Lim, violin
Sequenza IX for clarinet (1980) | Angelique Poteat, clarinet