Vanessa Skantze & friends

verde, que te quiero verde! a butoh/sound improvisation at the Chapel

Verde que te quiero verde
verde viento verdes ramas
el barco sobre la mar
el caballo en la montaña.

Green how I want you green
Green wind green branches
the boat on the sea
the horse on the mountain

Federico Garcia Lorca

Celebration and requiem in every breath, in every flower.

Vanessa Skantze (butoh), Tom Swafford (violin), and noisepoetnobody (analog synthesis) collaborate frequently and are pleased to welcome Eveline Muller (percussion) into this evening’s creation. Special guest Stephen Fandrich opening the gate with solo piano

The early movement work of Vanessa Skantze was with a sound/movement ensemble, creating improvised performances through a method of deep listening between bodies and sound. This experience opened her to the capacity of the body to transform itself through intense focus and visceral imagery. Since her arrival in Seattle in late 2004 she has created many works for ensembles as well as solo performances. She has collaborated with Tom Swafford since 2005, noisepoetnobody since 2006.

Stephen Fandrich is an eclectic American composer and native of Seattle Washington who graduated from Cornish College of the Arts. A 15-year member of the Monktail Creative Music Concern, Fandrich is a composer, pianist, vocalist, improvisor, and avid gamelan composer and player with Gamelan Pacifica. For ten years he directed the Seattle Harmonic Voices, a choir devoted exclusively to diphonic singing. He has collaborated with internationally acclaimed choreographers such as Khambatta Dance, Katsura Kan, Joan Laage, Amy O’Neal, and Douglas Ridings, and with international artist/musicians such as, Peni Chandra Rini, Pauline Oliveros, Stuart Dempster, Bill Horist, Jarrad Powell, Seattle Jazz Composers Ensemble, Willow Fox, David “skip” Milford, Oren Ambarchi, Jessika Kenney and Eyvind Kang.