Subvector Colloquy

Wielding between them electric twang machine, select dynamically modulated crossblows, Italian battle zither, and the fearsome 3-button gargle tube, the four wizards of Subvector Colloquy return to the stage with an evening of freshly unimagined thaumaturgical delights: spells, incantations, enchantments – perhaps even a cryptid or two.

Tom Baker spends most of his time inventing modes of flight, and trying to get lift. He practices and practices, working on the length of the running start, size and texture of the wings, the speed and rate of acceleration of the flapping. He has enjoyed momentary freedom from gravity, and vows to keep trying for sustained orbit. Meanwhile, he also makes music. Leanna Keith uses a variety of tubes and air (otherwise known as flutes) to create melodies, textures, and conjurations. Local speculationist Keith Eisenbrey ponders and putters with the inner workings of music far more hours of the day than the majority of surveyed dentists recommend, and may still be wandering around in an oblique pitch-class dimension. Jim Knodle continues to outrun the wrecking ball in pursuit of the golden moments of music. He currently gathers select groups of like-minded players for algo-rhythmic performances.