The Sound Ensemble: Kammermusik

The Sound Ensemble is a vibrant and rising ensemble that is redefining what it means to attend a classical music concert. With music from many different styles and composers they create a welcoming space for the audience to experience and respond to the music of our time. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the performance! At “Kammermusik” you will have a chance to participate in the music making, and experience for yourself what it is like to make music with others. There is nothing to beat it!


Darius Milhaud Symphonie de Chambre: I. Le Printemps, op. 43
Michael Djupstrom To the Eastern Sea
Darius Milhaud Symphonie de Chambre: II. Pastorale, op. 49
Judd Greenstein At the End of a Really Great Day
Darius Milhaud Symphonie de Chambre; III. Sérénade, op. 71
James Falzone In a World of One Color…The Sound of Wind
Paul Hindemith Kammermusik I