The Sound Ensemble: Life After Y2K

The Sound Ensemble is a flexible and diverse group of professional musicians who believe in the power of music to create community, entertain and transform lives. They bring the music they love to society’s gathering places, providing potent musical experiences for our community through inspired performance.

The musical landscape is perpetually in flux. Think of all the various bands that have been popular throughout your life. Just as life didn’t end after Y2K, composition of exciting and poignant music didn’t die with Brahms or Stravinsky. During this concert we will share with you music that we find rich with beauty that has been composed in the years following 2000. Just as in the mainstream music industry there are a wide variety of genres, here we will perform music from a number of different “schools” of composition:

Sarah Bassingthwaighte Premiere
Sean Osborn 12-4-6 (2005)
Marcin Paczkowski Deep Decline (2015)
Greg Dixon Premiere
Daron Hagen Chamber Symphony (2003)