Vibe Check

Seattle marimbist and producer Erin Jorgensen is joined by inimitable musicians Rachel Nesvig (Hardanger fiddle), Leanna Keith (flute), Aaron Michael Butler (percussion & sound manipulation), Steve Peters (field recordings), and Kevin Blanquies (lights) for a one-night-only-4-hour-improvisational musical nod to Summer Solstice. Underpinned by the hypnotic undertones of a five-octave marimba and dream-inducing vocals, this evening will shift and change with the addition and subtraction of flute, strings, and percussion and the beautifully changing natural light in the magical Chapel space. Stay for the whole evening or come and go as you please. Prepare to aggressively chill and receive a literal vibrational upgrade. Audience is encouraged to bring pillows or blankets for maximum meditation.

COVID-19 PROTOCOLS: At the request of the performers, masks are required.