Wayne Horvitz/Gravitas Qt. + The Westerlies

Led by pianist/composer Wayne Horvitz, Gravitas Quartet explores the intersection of chamber music and improvisation, with a broad palette of texture, sonority, rhythm, and ensemble fluidity, and a unique instrumentation. Horvitz’s wide-ranging compositions provide a compelling platform for untethered improvisations, woven together by the dynamic ensemble interplay of four master practitioners: Wayne Horvitz (piano), Peggy Lee (cello), Sarah Schoenbeck (bassoon), and Riley Mulherkar (trumpet).

The Westerlies, “an arty quartet…mixing ideas from jazz, new classical, and Appalachian folk” (New York Times) are a New York-based brass quartet comprised of childhood friends from Seattle: Riley Mulherkar and Chloe Rowlands on trumpet, and Andy Clausen and Willem de Koch on trombone. From Carnegie Hall to Coachella, The Westerlies navigate a wide array of venues and projects with the precision of a string quartet, the audacity of a rock band, and the charm of a family sing-along.