Wayward in Limbo #100: Symbion Project

Kasson Crooker (aka Symbion Project) has been composing various styles of eclectic electronic music for the past 25 years. Based in Seattle, Kasson’s current musical focus is on immersive audio experiences, from live quadraphonic surround sound performances to interactive VR-Music apps featuring interactive spatial audio. Spanning the past three decades, over a dozen albums and EPs have been released from Symbion Project, ELYXR, Khems, Freezepop, and many other side projects, as well as composing bespoke music for indie films, video games, and VR experiences. (YouTube, Instagram)

Gishiki is a live quadraphonic performance of music from the Symbion Project albums Gishiki and Backscatter, primarily featuring the Japanese koto heavily processed through modular synth DSP, layered over lush vintage synthesizer beds and field recordings. Live performances of Gishiki took place in 2018-19 on the West Coast featuring performances at Good Shepherd Center Chapel (Seattle), Bloom (Portland), and Synthplex (Los Angeles). The music ranges from lush, immersive ambient to dark and pulsating, with the koto as its sonic centerpiece.

With the Chapel closed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Wayward Music Series moves from the concert hall to the living room. In place of our usual ten monthly concerts, Nonsequitur is commissioning ten Seattle artists each month to create a series of streaming audio sessions of previously unreleased material.