Wayward in Limbo #20: Gust Burns

Gust Burns is a musician, composer, and theorist. In addition to making various kinds of musical, performance, and art works, he writes and thinks around analyses of capitalism and anti-blackness. He is working on his dissertation at the University of Washington’s English department, titled “Dispensation of the faculties: Human capacity and radical incoherence across black arts and audio-visual production.”

title: a subsequent iteration of deferral, like m said

Solo piano and silent dubplate record, recorded simultaneously through turntable with cartridge and stylus.

What is the ontological, and so the political standing of the faculty of listening? This recording should be understood less as an engagement with questions around performance, recording, and objecthood. Rather, it is a presentation of listening’s reliance upon, and integration within the contemporary capacital apparatus that comprises the diversity of capitalism’s temporal and haptic machines.

With the Chapel closed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Wayward Music Series moves from the concert hall to the living room. In place of our usual ten monthly concerts, Nonsequitur is commissioning ten Seattle artists each month to create a series of streaming audio sessions of previously unreleased material.