WOYNICH + Shoyei + Huggy Pillow

Immerse yourself in a captivating sonic journey from local PNW artists WOYNICH, Shoyei and Huggy Pillow. Step into a realm where ethereal melodies intertwine with pulsating rhythms, creating an otherworldly tapestry of sound that transcends traditional boundaries. Surrender to the waves as they ebb and flow, carrying you through a landscape of intricate textures and atmospheric layers. The stage will come alive with an array of synthesizers, digital manipulations, and live looping techniques, skillfully wielded by our talented electronic artisans. Prepare to have your senses enveloped in a cocoon of sonic bliss, where time seems to stand still, and the boundaries between performer and audience blur into a seamless fusion of energy.

WOYNICH, an entity scholars believe to be from the 5th dimension, were allegedly invoked into the physical plane earlier this year through an unauthorized incantation of The Manuscript. The invokee is still at large, and any information should be reported directly to the FBI. It is unclear when they are from, and there is no consensus as to whether WOYNICH are extraterrestrial or simply interdimensional. Their exceptional skills in sound design, which evoke an intriguing mix of tranquility and urgent communication, have raised eyebrows in the national security and global intelligence communities. Contrary to insistent claims and aggressive propaganda campaigns by the entity known as “Barbara”, there is no confirmed affiliation or representation between the two.

Huggy Pillow is the playtime vibe of Koji Hendrix and Julius Watt. Koji is an intrepid naturalist dedicated to innovative expressions of love, comfort and softness. Julius is a research technologist focused on micro-electronics and affective computing. They are best friends and total nerds.

Shoyei is a producer, DJ, and synthesist working in deep, reflective sound design spanning across multiple electronic music genres. They love exploring complex texture, sample mangling, other-worldly harmony, and destructive dissonance.

Join us for an unforgettable evening of sonic exploration that will transport you to uncharted sonic dimensions.