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NonSeq: Warren Realrider + Nathan Young

Warren Realrider is a Pawnee/Crow multidisciplinary sound artist based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is currently a part of the 2024-2026 cohort at the Tulsa Artist Fellowship. While studying painting at the University of Oklahoma he began an exploration of sound, materials, and site as elements of his art practice. Warren created the Tick-Suck noise performance project in 2016 and … Read More

Michelle Huang, solo piano

Pianist Michelle Huang presents Classical Connection through the Ages: a lens through centuries of musical soundscape, connecting composers from the past and the present, featuring works by Debussy, Natalie Williams, Brahms, Missy Mazzoli, William Bolcom, and Carter Pann. This solo piano concert will feature three pairs of piano works, connecting living composers with pieces that were influenced and inspired … Read More

Westerlies Fest Night 1: tilt & The Westerlies

Seattle-bred, New York-based brass quartet The Westerlies return home to present their annual initiative Westerlies Fest, including NYC improvisers tilt – Isabel Crespo Pardo, Kalia Vandever, and Carmen Quill.

tilt exists in the space between improvisation and song, elastic and flowing, their music emerges from a shared love of words and experimentation. This Brooklyn-based collective brings together the voices of Isabel Crespo … Read More

Naeim Rahmani

Naeim Rahmani will present a selection of solo guitar pieces composed by living composers, featuring Sergio Assad, Carlos Rafael Rivera, Michael Finnisy, Atanas Ourkouzonov, Arthur Kampela and others.

Naeim Rahmani is a classical guitarist based in Seattle. Born in Iran, he immigrated to the United States as a refugee and has since made a name for himself as an accomplished … Read More

Radio Noise Collective + Maria Thrän

Radio Noise Collective transforms the airwaves into a framework of sonic exploration, where participant-performers decode the universe through a symphony of radio hacking, unraveling the hidden dance of electromagnetic waves and the raw essence of noise-clouds in a captivating live performance.

Based in Nantes, France, Radio Noise Collective is a project proposed by Apo33 to perform with radio receivers and … Read More

NonSeq: 05elantra + august V.M./Arabella

05elantra is a Los Angeles-based interdisciplinary visual artist, musician, designer, technologist, and curator interrogating liminal spaces in modern life. Through intricate fusions of experimental electronic music, dance, and animation they construct mirage-like glimpses of a world just beneath the surface of perception. Through their curation and development of Sound P.U.S.H they create an intentional community for emerging artists at the intersection … Read More

Clove: Durate

To have, or last, for some duration: 

Clove features a close group of players and improvisers attending to the interplay of emptiness and form. Clove draws on their flowers and roots in the punk, metal, noise and diy scenes, for syzygies of song, sound, and silence. 

From Upstate New York via Vermont, Meredith Davey (cello, voice, electronics) crafted songs and played bass … Read More

Lori Goldston & Jaison Scott

Interdimensional Immersion for Torben Ulrich

Cellist Lori Goldston and drummer Jaison Scott improvise together, moving freely between ideas that spring from jazz, metal, chamber music and a long list of folk and popular idioms. They first met in 2005, playing in a band with their remarkable late friend Torben Ulrich. This concert is dedicated to his memory.

Jaison Scott has played … Read More

Quarteto Nuevo

Quarteto Nuevo merges Western classical, Eastern European folk, Latin and jazz with an organic feel that packs a wallop! The ensemble’s razor-sharp precision is enhanced by jazzy interludes, lightly rumbling percussion motifs and mesmerizing rhythms. They effectively meld the music of ancient worlds and faraway places with a contemporary groove that enchants audiences of all ages.

Winners of two South … Read More

NonSeq: Alex Anthony Faide

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, guitarist/composer Alex Anthony Faide has a decades-long international reputation for being the secret weapon in rock recordings, arrangements, and stage productions in Europe and Latin America. Now based in Seattle, Faide released his long-awaited solo record, Particles of the Infinite, a display of guitar pyrotechnics in nine parts, on Trey Gunn’s label 7d Media … Read More