Asplund / Baker / Denio

Composer-multi-instrumentalists Amy Denio and Christian Asplund performed as The Naked Slime Duo in the ‘90s, in a synergy of phreneticism, quirky humor, lyricism, and genre-bending. In this performance, they will be joined by the brainy, profound, and dexterous composer-guitarist Tom Baker in their first outing as a trio. This performance will offer a rare chance to hear this trio of seasoned composer-performers playing premieres of new comprovisations by Asplund.

Christian Asplund is a Canadian-American composer-performer based in Provo, Utah, where he teaches at Brigham Young University and curates the Avant GaRAWge. He has composed in diverse media and performs mainly as a jazz and free improvisation pianist and violist. His interests have included the intersections of improvisation/composition, modular textures/forms, text/music. 

Tom Baker is a composer, guitarist, improviser, and electronic musician specializing in fretless guitar and live-electronics. He writes chamber music, opera, and electronic music, as well as music for percussion, chamber orchestra, dance, film, and chorus. He is the artistic director of the Seattle Composers’ Salon, co-founder of the Seattle EXperimental Opera (SEXO), founder of the new-music recording label Present Sounds Recordings, plays in the improvisational froup Triptet, and teaches at Cornish College of the Arts.

Amy Denio is a singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, improviser, record producer and recording engineer. She is a co-founding member of The Entropics, Tone Dogs, (ec) Nudes, FoMoFlo, The Tiptons Sax Quartet (1988-present), The Danubians, Petunia, Quintetto alla Busara, Die Resonanz, and the accordion quartet Hell’s Bellows! (US). She plays with Kultur Shock (1999-present), Latin American group Correo Aereo (2005-present), and improvising rock band The Bats of Ballard (2016-present), and is regularly commissioned to score music for film, dance, theater, television, radio, as well as sound installations.

COVID-19 PROTOCOLS: Following the current mandate from WA State public health officials, all audience members at this performance will be required to wear masks regardless of vaccination status. Additionally, seating will be arranged to maintain social distancing; people who live together may group chairs accordingly. Audience should be aware that some performers will be playing wind instruments.