Body.Space.Time.Sound Vol. 4: Cube

An Evening in Sound and Movement Performance
Created and Curated by Alia Swersky and Tom Baker

Two sound artists, and two movement artists merge from duet into quartet. One music, movement pair begins in a slow, spacious conversation of sounds and gestures. The other duet begins their own conversation parallel to the first. Gradually, through moments of synchronicity, resonance, and overlaps of space, the duets begin to converge. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts as the two duos become a quartet, but more than a two dimensional shape…a square, a rectangle…they become a cube, three dimension and six sided…four performers, the audience, and the space.

Sound: Tom Baker, Kate Olson
Movement: Alia Swersky & Corrie Befort

What is B.S.T.S? What happens when seasoned musicians and movers come together to create variable durations of improvisational performance?

These improvisational events will consist of a varying selection of curated sound and movement artists who will be brought together in purposeful improvisational collaborations. These ongoing performance happenings will selectively group artists with the intention of instigating dynamic collaborations. Each event will consist of a unique set of guidelines in relation to body, space, time and sound, but the constant for each grouping is that they connect in some way before the performance. Selected artists will be introduced, then asked to score and rehearse their piece in accordance with the indeterminacy of meeting one another, the performance themes of each event, and the convening of their shared interests. A goal is to bring together artists in different disciplines, and bridge diverse performance aesthetics. Performers will be asked to create structured scores that harness the unknown spontaneity of performance.

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