Goldenrod + God & Vanilla + Sacred Signs

God & Vanilla, Sacred Signs and Goldenrod present a night of ambient electronic music.

God and Vanilla, the ethereal dark ambient project of solo guitarist Richard O’Leary, creates lush tapestries and hauntingly inviting dreamscapes that draw the listener to an otherworldly place where warm colors run together to create beautiful portraits.

Goldenrod is Noisegasm guitarist Greg Weber’s solo project. His solo music is heavily influenced by Brian Eno’s ambient work with nods to avant-rockers Henry Cow and Pere Ubu and the electronic works of Charles Wuorinen. Harmonica processed with filter sweeps and bleeps and bit-crushed drones and loops float and morph with only the occasional hint of a melody betraying the original sound source.

Sacred Signs is a revolving cast of angels, demons, gods, ghosts, apparitions, possessed voodoo warriors, and psychedelic piano duelers revolving around Winter Parkin.