Invisible Composers Lab

2022 ICL Composers
BC Campbell
Krystal Barghelame
Paul Matthew Moore

with The Penta String Quartet:
Heather Bentley, Jordan Voelker, Aleida Gehrels, Maria Scherer Wilson

Invisible Composers Lab brings composers and musicians together, across generations, to create luminous, new creative works. The laboratory’s mission is to collaborate, fuel curiosity, and experiment in a supportive, non-hierarchical environment that welcomes inspiration from new music, improvisation, jazz, film scoring, rock, classical music and the wide sonic world. Fueled by discussions and interactive workshops over many months, each ICL Session includes workshop performances to open the collaborative conversation to listening audiences.

The ICL co-founders (composers BC Campbell, Krystal Bargehlame and Paul Matthew Moore) adventures in music have brought them to KEXP, The Royal Room, The Moore Theater, Cannes, PBS’s American Masters, The Smithsonian, The Paramount, The Seattle Symphony Youth Workshop, and Sasquatch Music Festival to name just a few. They are thrilled to be joining forces to create new possibilities at the Good Shepherd Chapel.