Kaley Lane Eaton: ANIMAL

Seattle composer and vocalist Kaley Lane Eaton presents ANIMAL, the psychedelic, post-minimalist kaleidoscope of her recent work, dancing the tension lines between the body, the mind, the instrument, and the computer. From fixed-media tape pieces exploding into the physical world through choreography and video projection, to a fully acoustic, quasi-improvised piano trio outlining the structure of a mandala, to an electroacoustic monodrama duet between Eaton’s soprano voice and heartbeat, the program addresses both our ancient instincts and our modern conundrums.

Kaley Lane Eaton is an award-winning composer and vocalist currently based in Seattle, WA. Her work has been performed across the US and internationally, in venues ranging from Hong Kong concert halls, to the streets of Skid Row in Los Angeles. With a background as a multi-genre vocalist and instrumentalist, Eaton’s work is concerned with the physical generation of music and how context – both internal and external mental and physical – can influence real-time musical choices. Eaton is currently a DMA candidate in composition at the University of Washington, studying with Richard Karpen.