Noel Kennon: dreams of willows and thresholds

An evening of sustained sounds and silence over long durations. This new evening length work ‘dreams of willows and thresholds’ for viola and double bass uses the harmonic series a foundational element of its structure. The music is concerned with implementing rational structures that correspond to actual phenomenon found (observed) in natural (actual) sounds in search for new (lost) shapes , places , and resonant fluctuations that are often overlooked . . This interaction with tone is meant to quiet and sober the mind; both rational structure and intuitive process . .

The music will be presented in 2 parts .

{ dreams:

willows – viola / double bass


thresholds – viola / double bass


Presented and written by Noel Kennon, joined by John Teske.

Noel Kennon is a violist, dishwasher, record collector, instrument builder and composer living in Seattle, WA.