re•create percussion

re•create percussion was founded by Rebekah Ko and Storm Benjamin. Rebekah is a virtuosic marimbist originating from LA. Her artistic vision is highlighted by a steadfast commitment to high quality, artful music. Storm Benjamin is a native of Washington who’s commitments lie in using percussion music to enrich the culture of the Northwest. This performance is an exercise within the collective’s artistic sensibilities and ideas, using prepared piano, marimba, vibraphone, and triangle. Storm and Rebekah will be collaborating with Ben Marx and Kevin Blanquies. The musics of Ben Marx are simple rhythmic improvisations on percussion instruments that will mingle with pre-determined electronic sample-base sounds (mostly from symphony orchestra source material) to create unique and varied soundscapes. Also featured is Toccata, a virtuosic piece written for vibraphone and marimba by Anders Koppel.