Substrata 1.5 – concert #1

Substrata 1.5 is the fifth (and possibly final?) edition of Seattle’s intimate sound & visual art weekend curated by composer Rafael Anton Irisarri and co-presented with Nonsequitur. Each showcase is curated to distinctly portray different takes of the potency of minimalism, varying between weighty combinations of tonalities used to sculpt atmospheric ambiance, or powerful dynamic structures made up of the subtlest filigree of sonic building materials.

The inaugural evening of this year’s Substrata is as far ranging in its forms as in the approaches employed in creating them. Spanning the spaces between software sound sculpting and acoustic fingerpicking, it is a night of great variance and broad stylistic references. From progressive branches of the songwriting continuance, to chamber music describing a formalistic dialog between natural patternwork and the piano, to tapestries of electro-acoustic sound design and rhythm structures. The three artists touching on multitudinous points throughout the last century of modern music, the only constant their transcending of collocation and the constraints of singular genre concerns.

Will Call – 7:00 pm
Doors – 7:30 pm
Tara Jane O’Neil – 7:45 pm
Rauelsson – 8:30 pm
bvdub + Leo Mayberry – 9:20 pm