Substrata 1.5 – concert #2

Substrata 1.5 is the fifth (and possibly final?) edition of Seattle’s intimate sound & visual art weekend curated by composer Rafael Anton Irisarri and co-presented with Nonsequitur. Each showcase is curated to distinctly portray different takes of the potency of minimalism, varying between weighty combinations of tonalities used to sculpt atmospheric ambiance, or powerful dynamic structures made up of the subtlest filigree of sonic building materials.

Substrata’s second night plays host to three artists as stylistically varied in their approaches as the sound sources and the materials used to construct them. Each of them internationally recognized in their own right, over decades of work all three composers have established themselves as masters working within their respective form. From the meditative electronic fringes of sound-art to the bewildering cascade of 20th-century Continuous Music to the re-purposing of classical instrumentation to the milieu of underground rock. Journeying the states of hypnotic untethered repetition, dynamic counterpoint and the exudation of tonalities and sympathetic resonances.

Will Call – 7:00 pm
Doors – 7:30 pm
Mary Lattimore – 7:45 pm
Lubomyr Melnyk – 8:30 pm
Taylor Deupree – 9:20 pm