Symbion Project + Dahliia

Kasson Crooker (aka Seattle electronic act Symbion Project) will be performing songs from the ambient album Gishiki and the new dark electronic album Backscatter that was released this past spring; ft Japanese koto, modular synthesis, field recordings, ultrasonic audio and visual projections ~ all in quadraphonic surround sound.

DAHLIIA returns to the stage for another quadraphonic performance of their improvised synthesis of historical and future musical elements. CINDY REICHEL and TOM BUTCHER (aka ORQID, CODEBASE) launched DAHLIIA in 2018 after years of working together as founders of PATCHWERKS, Seattle’s nexus for synthesizer enthusiasts, electronic instrument builders, and electronic music community. DAHLIIA convenes several eras of recorded sound, from musique concrète and drone tones to current fusion of modular synthesizer with spatialized sound processing. Both Cindy and Tom are skilled engineers, yet the essence of DAHLIIA is driven from a place of emotion, of spanning time, and of looking to the future.

7:30 Doors
8-9 PM Dahliia
9-10 PM Symbian Project