Texture & Tone

A showcase of deep-listening music from local fringers. Experimental ambient, noise, and sonic landscapes constructed from diverse textures and tones.

Aaron Michael Butler is a percussionist, composer, weirdo, and educator based in Seattle. He strives to create Sonic spaces for contemplation, disassociation, and/or spacing out. Sometimes it’s pretty, sometimes it’s soft noise, sometimes it’s loud, dense, and cathartic.

Balcony View is the project of James Chancellor “Chance” Bridges, formerly of Birmingham, AL. It explores soundscapes in varying styles, from soft ambient to noise to drone/doom, using any instruments and noise makers he can get his hands on. Performances vary wildly and rely heavily on improvisation.

Corpse Pose is the ambient guitar drone project of Stephan Blount. Songs begin with simple structure and memorable melodies while slowly moving into an ambient exploration on a theme. Taking its name from the final meditation in yoga, the sounds are meant to inspire renewal, routines, perspectives and reflections.

Meadowgoat is a project exploring the sounds of natural cycles and structures with live-processed synthesizer soundscapes. Improvised sets travel from bedrock to flower with a captivating mixture of dungeon synth melodies, raw noise, nature ambient, and textured drone.