Vickie Dodd & James Hoskins + Spontanea

The musical duo of Vickie Dodd and James Hoskins explores new musical territory that is at once organic and otherworldly.

Vickie is a vocalist, a pioneer in the art of sound healing, and a musician who has taught and performed internationally. In performance, she intuitively draws inspiration from the people and environment around her, channeling this into improvised vocalization, with a four-octave range that spans throat singing and many other techniques. The unique human connection of Vickie’s voice is matched by James Hoskins on cello. From Boulder, Colorado, James is a prolific artist who links polished technique with a soft instinctual touch that is rare among classically trained musicians. Together, Vickie and James spontaneously generate an improvised soundscape that is unlike any other and changes throughout each performance. Their new album, Found Sound, was just released on Right Brain Records. They will perform with special guest Carol J Levin on harp.

Opening act Spontanea is an eclectic improvisational quartet based in Seattle. Integrating influences including jazz, world, electronic and experimental music, Spontanea generates unique, reverberant soundscapes that will fill the Chapel space.