Janet Feder & Fred Frith

Denver-based prepared guitarist and composer Janet Feder and legendary British guitar wiz Fred Frith finally get around to celebrating their 2006 duo recording Ironic Universe here in Seattle. Come for the incredibly lovely compositions, stay for the wildly inventive improvisational interplay. Presented by Nonsequitur.

Steve O’Brien’s Moving Out

Steve O’Brien is a tall trumpeter, composer and curator with The Spitehouse Concert Series. This performance will be his last large work done in Seattle, before he moves to further his career in a new city.

O’Brien credits composer James Knapp, trumpeter Jay Thomas, and trombonist Julian Priester as his biggest influence in deciding to move to Seattle in 2009. He studied with them privately while he finished his degree at Cornish College of the Arts. Since then he has produced one EP of original music with his chamber group, Only Trio; written and performed original pieces for big band, septet, sextet, quintet, quartet, trio, brass quintet and brass duet; worked with composers Wayne Horvitz, Louis Andriessen, and Butch Morris; appeared on stage with Murphy/Lachow Company at OTB and with Frank Boyd at ACT Seattle; and recorded with Wayne Horvitz, Naomi Siegel, Real Don Music, Spyn Reset, Whitney Lyman, Ron Scalzo, 45thst Brass, Issues, Fox and the Law, Sam Lachow, Solzilla, Fatal Lucciauno and Erica Cooper.

Performing tonight with O’Brien are Devin Bews (drums), Josiah Boothby (horn), Alex Dugdale (alto sax), Geoff Harper (bass), Kate Olson (tenor/soprano sax), Rodger Pegues (piano), Colin Pulkrabek (trombone), Oleg Ruvinov (tuba), Greg Sinibaldi (baritone sax), Jay Thomas (trumpet), and Lucas Winter (guitar).

The evening will start with a brass quintet piece that will feature Jay Thomas. Then two septet pieces, that feature Geoff Harper bass, and Rodger Pegues piano and Lucas Winter guitar. The second half will have a few trio songs arranged for sextet featuring soprano saxophonist Kate Olson and collective improvisations with O’Brien using conduction (a la, Butch Morris), closing with a quintet piece and a blues to feature everyone.

(Photo by Haley Freedlund)

Eric McElroy, piano

Pianist Eric McElroy celebrates the incredible diversity of music in our time, ranging from neo-romanticism to pop-classical fusion. The highlight is Frederic Rzewski’s De Profundis, one of the masterpieces of contemporary music. It is composed for “speaking pianist”, meaning the pianist not only plays but also speaks, sings, shouts, hums, and much else. The spoken text is taken from Oscar Wilde’s eponymous letter which he wrote while imprisoned at Reading Gaol, condemned for acts of “gross indecency”. It is an expression of sorrow, love, despair, and spirituality. It is the attempt of a ruined man to reconcile himself to his fate. The concert also features Eric’s own composition The Perilous Realm (2014), which won the 2015 MTNA National Award for Composition, Jacob TV’s The Body of Your Dreams for piano and soundtrack, and the American premiere of Piano Sonata No. 2, Op. 71 (1972), by John Joubert in celebration of the composer’s 90th birthday.

Seattle Composers’ Salon

An evening of music and discussion with Seattle composers:

Patrick O’Keefe, Sonata for Piano
S. Eric Scribner
Blake Degraw, Diler, for strings
Cole Bratcher, Transit Maps, fixed media with projection

The Seattle Composers’ Salon fosters the development, performance and appreciation of new music by regional composers and performers. At bi-monthly, informal presentations, the Salon features finished works, previews, and works in progress. Composers, performers, and audience members gather in a casual setting that allows for experimentation and discussion. Everyone is welcome!

Tom Varner et al: End of Summer Improvisations & Meditations

Tom Varner writes: About three years ago, I really enjoyed a collaborative concert that I led with an improvising brass ensemble and sound artists associated with the Seattle Phonographers Union. In the Good Shepherd Chapel Space, it was magical. We did another variation on this type of collaboration in January 2017, and now we’ll present another version, this time with a mix of brass, reeds, strings, percussion, and at least three field recording artists. For me, it is a nice departure from my other work as a more jazz-influenced French hornist/composer, and provides a great setting for musical quiet and reflection — though not without some wonderfully noisy moments! James Falzone (clarinets), Heather Bentley (violin, viola), Paul Kikuchi (percussion), and field recordists Steve Peters, Steve Barsotti, and Doug Haire are great improvisers — I can’t wait to hear a clarinet in a duo with some crackling ice, or a violin with some other haunting far-away sounds. Do come join us.

(Photo: Daniel Sheehan/EyeShotJazz)

Jarrad Powell + Golden Retriever

Gift Tapes/DRAFT presents the fourth installment of its 2017 program at the Chapel. Jarrad Powell will present some of his electronic music, offering up a rare opportunity to experience these works outside of a music for dance context. Opening will be Portland duo Golden Retriever.

Jarrad Powell is a composer, performer, and a professor in the Music Department at Cornish College of the Arts where he teaches composition, world music, gamelan, tuning and temperament, and other theory-related classes. He is Director of Gamelan Pacifica, , one of the most active and adventurous gamelan ensembles in the US,  and Co-Director of IETI+I (“yeti”), the Institute of Emergent Technology + Intermedia at Cornish. His compositions have been performed and broadcast internationally and include pieces for voice, gamelan, various western and non-western instruments, electroacoustic music, music for theater, dance and experimental film. His work also includes numerous cross-cultural collaborations, particularly with Indonesian artists. As Music Director and composer for Scott/Powell Performance, a contemporary dance company formed in 1994, he has created over 20 major works with choreographer and visual artist Mary Sheldon Scott. His recordings can currently be found on New World Records, Present Sounds, and Blind Stone Records.

Golden Retriever, the duo of Matt Carlson and Jonathan Sielaff, have been developing their musical language since 2008. Primarily working with the intersection of modular synthesis and amplified/effected bass clarinet, the duo have done eight releases for labels like Thrill Jockey, Root Strata, and NNA Tapes. Their music combines an intense emotional immediacy and meditative focus with strong melodicism and an organic, naturalistic approach to experimental electronic sound. Their next record for Thrill Jockey, Rotations, will be released this year, and features the duo expanding their sonic palette to incorporate a full chamber ensemble into their sound world.

M. Barreca + J. Muir + S. Peters

An evening of ambient/electro-acoustic music celebrating new releases by three Seattle artists on local labels that have since moved on to warmer climes.

Marc Barreca has been making electronic music in Seattle since the mid-1970s, releasing a number of projects over the years on the Hawaii-based Palace of Lights label. His most recent PoL releases are the solo project Aberrant Lens, and the brand new double CD collaboration with K. Leimer, Dual Mono.

Jake Muir is a sound artist currently residing in Seattle. Armed with a keen ear for textural environments and haunting aural landscapes, Muir creates ghostly soundscapes from field recordings, reinterpreted vinyl loops, and radio segments. This source material is processed digitally to further place these found sounds into a new context. His newest release is Acclimation, on the Dragon’s Eye label in Los Angeles.

Steve Peters is a composer/sound artist who has released work on both Palace of Lights and Dragon’s Eye. His new PoL release is Airforms (Chamber Music 10). The Chamber Music series are pieces based entirely on recordings of empty room tone. Tonight he’ll perform a version of Chamber Music 5: Stained Glass, using only materials derived from a recording of the empty Chapel.

Neal Kosaly-Meyer: Gradus

Gradus: for Fux, Tesla and Milo the Wrestler is Neal Kosaly-Meyer’s ongoing composition in progress for piano, exploring through improvisation a slowly expanding collection of pitches, and their grounding in silence, in patient attentive microscopic detail.

Neal Kosaly-Meyer has been actively working on Gradus since 2002, spending about thirteen years working through all possible combinations of A’s on the piano keyboard, and since working systematically through selected combinations including the E’s, C#’s and G’s. The role of silence in Gradus is as fundamental as that of any of the pitches employed, conceived in John Cage’s sense as all the unintended ambient sounds occurring during the piece’s performance.

Read more about this on Live Music Project and follow it on the Facebook event page.

(photo: Joe Mabel)

Daryl Seaver/Cameron Shafii/RM Francis

THIS SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELLED. This date is available! Anyone interested in booking this date should contact Steve asap. If you have never booked a show on the Wayward Series before, please read this first.

The Murkies: Improvised Studies in Color, Temperature and Tone

An evening of improvised music and lighting design with The Murkies and kt Shores.

Composer and accordionist Kyle Hanson (aka The Murkies) innovated the extended technique known as ‘alternating transverse oscillation of the bellows’ by which he obtains a shimmering sound and immersive effects. His music ranges from ambient soundscapes to psychedelic pop with many stops in between.

kt Shores is the artistic director of the arts space Studio Current in Capitol Hill and one half of the creative duo Mother Tongue.