Sean Osborn

Seattle clarinetist and composer Sean Osborn presents four new works of chamber music: Reed Trio No. 2, 12-4-6 (a sextet for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, ‘Cello, Piano, and Percussion), three new Lyric Pieces for Violin, Clarinet, ‘Cello, and Piano, and his solo clarinet work Three Miniatures. Sean combines extended techniques for classical instruments with rock-music energy for a unique hybrid that also encompasses post-minimalism, Celtic, New-Age, Folk, and other music styles.

Sean Osborn has traveled the world as soloist and chamber musician, and during his eleven years with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. He has also appeared as guest principal clarinet with the New York Philharmonic, Pittsburgh Symphony, Seattle Symphony, and the American Symphony Orchestra. The New York Times dubbed him “…an excellent clarinetist,” the Boston Globe called him “…a miracle,” and Gramophone “…a master.” With over forty concertos in his repertoire, Sean has recorded dozens of CDs for London, Deutsche Grammophon, Sony, CRI, and others, as well as premiering works by John Adams, John Corigliano, Chen Yi, and Phillip Glass to name a few. Sean has performed at many festivals including Marlboro, Seattle Chamber Music, Aspen, Zagreb Bienalle, Pacific Rims, and Colorado. He is also an award-winning composer whose works have been played by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, and members of the New York Philharmonic, Metropolitan Opera, Marlboro Music Festival, and the Los Angeles Philharmonic, among others.

Matt Shoemaker + Timm Mason + RM Francis

Seattle electronic musicians Matt Shoemaker, Timm Mason, and RM Francis present an evening of musical experimentation consisting of three solo performances.

For nearly two decades artist Matt Shoemaker (Born 1974, Seattle, Washington, USA) has been exploring the strange universe of sound and listening. Using microphones, digital and analog recorders, computers, modular synthesizers, acoustic instruments, and assorted signal processors, Shoemaker transforms music and noise into compositions of uncanny beauty and hallucinatory intensity. Beginning in 2010, he spent two years in Central Java studying the music, art, and culture of the region. His work has been published throughout the world on such esteemed labels as Trente Oiseaux (Germany), Helen Scarsdale Agency (USA), Ferns Recordings (France), Elevator Bath (USA), and Masters Chemical Society (USA). He has performed at numerous universities, dance halls, rock clubs, and art galleries, and he has received commissions for works from across the globe.

Timm Mason is a Seattle artist exploring consciousness and complexity through electronic music. This complexity manifests on multiple levels, such as emergent wave phenomena and programmed organizational systems. Timm is a self-taught musician and a trained software engineer. His current work is focused on bridging these two worlds via a programmable analog/digital hybrid controller designed in collaboration with Kaori Suzuki (Magic Echo Music). This tool serves as corpus callosum, bridging patch-programmable analog synthesis with more modern digital tools. Timm has been performing around Seattle as Mood Organ since 2004 and is a member of Master Musicians of Bukkake, Midday Veil, TJ MAX, and the MOTOR Collective. He curates the cassette label Masters Chemical Society, issuing experimental music by local and international artists. He has contributed to recordings by Eyvind Kang & Jessika Kenney, Jessica Sligter, Wolves in the Throne Room, Splashgirl, and Akron/Family.

RM Francis is a Seattle-based sound artist. His restless, dense computer synthesis work combines systems-based processes and compositional instinct to create hyperkinetic vortices of digital audio. His most recent releases are Attributed Agency (DRAFT) and Recycled Sleep (Agents of Chaos).

Cornish Live Electronics Ensemble

A night of digital experimentation as art and music student-artists from Cornish College of the Arts explore the fertile improvisatory ground between image and sound.

Student-artists from Cornish College of the Arts, part of an Inter-Arts class called Digital Media Improvisation, will present their final group projects at the Chapel Performance Space. Each group will have 4-5 sound and image artists improvising together to create works that range from abstract image/sound/art to narrative structures, including 3D live-improvisation, live-electronic manipulation of video and sound, and movement based compositions.

The class is led by Cornish faculty Robert Campbell (Art) and Tom Baker (Music). The students are: Vanessa Alcaraz, Taylor Bednarz, Kendra Boblett, Rory Borcherding, Griffin Boyd, Andrew Coulter, Ana Duenas, Cameron Fletcher, Stefan Gonzales, Pralhad Gurung, Mitchell Gustin, Sierra Klingele, Derrick Lee, Julio Lopez, John Powell, Fritz Rodriguez, Kyle Salley, Troy Schiefelbein, Will Smith, Makenzie Stone, Kevin Tongue.

Zero-G: Triptet + Dempster & Smith

Coalescing around a mutual admiration for the music and imagination of Sun Ra and the possibilities of musical space travel, the bi-coastal trio Triptet (Tom Baker, fretless guitar, theremin, laptop; Michael Monhart, saxophones, laptop, percussion; and Greg Campbell, drums, percussion, French horn, budget electronics) will touch down at the Chapel Performance Space on the heels of their third recording for Brooklyn-based Engine Records. They feel lucky to be joined in their second set by their mutual space mentors, Bill Smith (clarinet) and Stuart Dempster (trombone, sound massage). Presented by Zero-G Concerts.

Angelina Baldoz & friends: Études

Stuart Dempster (trombone), Kathleen Hunt (dance), Maria Mannisto (soprano), Angelina Baldoz (trumpet, bass) and KT Shores (performance artist) will be joined by guest musicians Lori Goldston (cello), Tari Nelson-Zagar (violin), and Sue Anne Harkey (harp guitar) present an eclectic evening of new compositions in experimental opera, dance, and sound performance.

Empty Boat + New Art Trio

Named after the Lao Tzu parable, Empty Boat is a quintet of seasoned Seattle creative music veterans (Don Berman, drums; Geoff Harper, bass; Jim Knodle, trumpet; Dennis Rea, guitar; Dick Valentine, flutes and saxophones). They will perform original compositions by members of the band. The music combines each composer’s carefully crafted concepts with challenges to each band member to access his inner consciousness and deliver imaginative, intuitive improvisations. The result takes listeners on a journey, full of surprises and discoveries.

Opening the evening will be saxophonist/composer Kenny Mandell’s New Art Trio, featuring Mandell on saxes, fluts, and percussion; Curtis Dahl on keyboards; and Tim Volpicella, guitar.

This will be an evening of Seattle Creative Music at its finest.

Seattle Modern Orchestra: Electro-Colors

Seattle Modern Orchestra opens its 2014-2015 season with a U.S. premiere from Rome Prize winning American composer Huck Hodge. Hodge’s Alêtheia for ensemble is a communicative, powerful and dramatic work that recently won the International Society for Contemporary Music’s League of Composers Competition. Also on this program are Hodge’s Zeremonie, as well as works from two celebrated composers, Pierre Boulez and Tristan Murail. These two works, composed only 6 years apart, helped shape the progression of avant-garde music in France during that time. Boulez’s jubilatory late period work Dérive 1 (1984) exults warmth and radiance with simmering and shimmering textures of ornate melodic figures supported by rich harmonic progression. Murail’s 1978 work Treize couleurs du soleil couchant (thirteen colors of sundown) is a key piece from the early Spectralist movement that plunges the audience into the evocative resonances of sound.

*pre-concert presentation at 7:30 pm

Marc Barreca & K. Leimer

Palace of Lights recording artists Marc Barreca and K. Leimer will be joined by guitarist and photographer Tyler Boley for a very rare live performance of new generative music based on the techniques used in their recent CD Premap. Textura says that “A sense of tentative calm pervades the duo’s electro-acoustic material, despite the fact that it’s marked by constant change and a restless shape-shifting quality.” PoL label-mate and MAX/MSP innovator Gregory Taylor shares the bill with his gamelan-tinged electroacoustic music.

People. Make. Awesome. (Music + Movement)

The Frank Agency and Nonsequitur have joined forces to present People. Make. Awesome. — a three-part series of pairings rooted in sound, curated by Beth Fleenor. The theory: give people a place to make awesome, and they will. Each event features three pairings of stellar, highly individualistic artists, given opportunity to communicate freely. Tonight: Sound + Movement.


Ezra Dickinson (MOVEMENT) + Chris Credit (SOUND)
Karin Stevens (MOVEMENT) + Michael Owcharuk (SOUND)
Paris Hurley (MOVEMENT) + Hanna Benn (SOUND)

Artist bios here

Transport Series: Fidelio Trio

The virtuosic Fidelio Trio perform diverse repertoire internationally and features Irish musicians Darragh Morgan (violin), Mary Dullea (piano), and cellist Deirdre Cooper. Tonight they perform Bulb by Donnacha Dennehy, Typical Music I by Evan Ziporyn, Piano Trio by Charles Wuorinen, Für Bálint András Vargas by Johannes Maria Staud, and Piano Trio No. 2 by John Harbison.

Presented by WA Composers’ Forum and Jack Straw Productions as part of the Transport Series, with support from Culture Ireland.