Broken Bow Ensemble

min is a new 40-minute piece for chamber orchestra by Seattle composer John Teske, the third in a series of works dealing with human consciousness. The theme is “intention,” specifically on where individuals and groups place their focus and how they make choices. As the piece progresses, musicians are given more freedom to choose how they relate to each other and the written material. min will be premiered by the Broken Bow Ensemble, a 26-piece group of strings and woodwinds, each with an individual part.

Seattle-based composer John Teske writes contemporary concert music for soloists, chamber groups, and chamber orchestra. Founder of the Broken Bow Ensemble and a series of “any ensemble” performances (featuring music written for flexible instrumentation), he focuses on enhancing the listener experience, utilizing extended techniques and guided improvisation to create pieces that are well-crafted while maintaining a human and organic feel. His recent work includes site-specific performances in Seattle parks and at the Seattle Center, Space Weather Listening Booth (a hybrid electroacoustic installation and acoustic performance piece in collaboration with Nat Evans), and compositions for chamber orchestra supported by a grant from the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture. He graduated from the University of Washington, where he studied with Joël-François Durand, Juan Pampin, and Josh Parmenter.

Bad Luck + Tomo Nakayama

Bad Luck (drummer Chris Icasiano + saxophonist Neil Welch) release their third full-length record Three, available through local record label Table & Chairs, or free with a $15 donation tonight. Opening the show will be songwriter Tomo Nakayama of Grand Hallway.

Eric Barber & friends: Hush

HUSH – music of the lower decibel persuasion

We’ll be creating some beautiful improvisations in the Chapel that will focus on the wide dynamic range from medium to quite quiet. Featuring Carmen Rothwell, bass; Mike Gebhart, percussion; Christian Pincock, trombone; Ammon Swinbank, flutes; and Eric Barber, saxophones.


Come celebrate an evening of collective musical joy! Boxitania is the brainchild of Seattle vocalist and improviser Elizabeth Lawrence, affectionately known as Detonator Beth or DB. This performance was originally created in collaboration with composer Scott Adams and artist Maris Kundzins. It is a square country with no boundaries populated by the most joyous and spontaneous beings in the universe. It was first revealed as a country at Fremont Solstice Parade via the Boxitanian Revolutionary Rolling Band, and was iterated the following year as a huge float called The Spirit of Boxitania.

Elizabeth Lawrence has engaged Amy Denio to coordinate a new visit to the distant shores of Boxitania. The Boxitanian Liberation Orchestra will be playing great classics such as the Boxitanian National Anthem as well as many of its unruly folk musics. The BLO is comprised of many talented and uncompromising musicians based in the Seattle area, including Composer Scott Adams and Captain Amy Denio. E. Grace Dager is the Visual Coordinator.

Please join us in the magical land of Boxitania. The evening will be recorded for posterity.

A Tribute to Charlie Haden

On July 11 of this year, the music world lost the monumental musician Charlie Haden, a man who completely reinvented the approach to the double bass in jazz music. With an amazing career that spanned five decades, he is known for his groundbreaking reinvention of jazz harmony and structure. From Ornette Coleman’s seminal free-jazz quartet to his intensely melodic and sparse approach to duos with Pat Metheny and Keith Jarrett, to leading his own large ensemble, the fiery, politically radical Liberation Music Orchestra, he brought together his love of folk, classical, free jazz, and world music.

Bassist Birch Pereira, a longtime admirer of Haden, has organized a night of music to pay tribute to the man and his music. Pereira will be joined by distinguished Seattle bassists John Seman, Paul Kemmish, Geoff Harper, Carmen Rothwell, Evan Flory-Barnes, and David Michael Marcus. Each bassist will trade off with songs from Haden’s legacy that feature different sets of musicians including Jason Goessl (guitar), Ben Krulewitch (piano), Seth Alexander (saxophone), Scott Morning (trumpet), and more.

Presented by Zero-G Concerts.

Susan Alcorn + Wally Shoup

One of the world’s premiere musical innovators on her instrument, Baltimore-based Susan Alcorn has taken the pedal steel guitar far beyond its traditional role in country and western swing music. Known among steel guitarists for her virtuosity and authenticity in a traditional context, Alcorn first paid her dues in Texas country & western bands. Soon she began to expand the vocabulary of her instrument through her study of modern classical music (Messiaen, Varèse Penderecki), the deep listening of Pauline Oliveros, Astor Piazzolla’s nuevo tango, free jazz, and world musics (Indian rags, South American songs, and gamelan orchestra). Her pieces reveal the complexity of her instrument and her musical experience while never straying from a very direct, intense, and personal musical expression.

Sharing the evening is Seattle alto saxophonist Wally Shoup. For more than 30 years, Shoup has pegged a claim-stake on the saxophone vanguard, in collaborations with vaunted improvisers from all over, including guitarists Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) and Nels Cline (Wilco). Lately he’s had a regular Seattle gig at Vito’s with his quartet, including Bob Rees, John Seman, and Mark Ostrowski. This is a somewhat rare opportunity to hear him blowing solo – always a treat!

Presented by Nonsequitur.

Paul Hoskin: solo contrabass clarinet

Announcing the annual contrabass clarinet solo courtesy of Paul Hoskin. An eighty-minute adventure sounds the Chapel Performance Space. Hoskin’s solo life began with multiple reed instruments lasting for hours. He “simplified” by 1990 — contrabass clarinet only. Given cassette recording, the initial presentations were of ninety-minute length. As he ages (and switches to CD recording), eighty-minute episodes started in Seattle 1996. Hoskin’s approach may be labeled spontaneous composition. Improvisation — as a label — does not provide for a thorough investigation of his solo work. Language qua metaphor is one way of approaching. Periods of “jazz melody” live with extreme sonic exploration. The entire dynamic field, a five-octave range, multiphonics never heard — all are in evidence. In literal terms, Paul Hoskin is the only person to do this — worldwide, NOW.

(photo: Janet Neuhauser)

Neil Welch + Teske/Arteaga Duo

Neil Welch solo saxophone album release and performance: A Response to the Wednesday Morning Shooting at Cafe Racer. May 30th, 2012 in Seattle, WA. The duo of bassist John Teske and saxophonist Ivan Arteaga opens the show. $15 donation includes admission + a hand-made musical score with the album inside. All proceeds donated to Audience members are encouraged to bring a mat or blanket and lie down on the floor during the performance.

The Response album is the latest release on the local avant-garde label Table and Chairs Music. Tonight’s event features a rare performance of Neil Welch‘s 36-minute solo composition. The Response album is a celebration of the fallen victims and the Seattle creative music community itself. There is a direct, careful presentation of sound in Welch’s music, whether through long bouts of silence, thronging sound textures or aching wails from deep within the horn. Response was composed in traditional and graphic notations, highlighting Welch’s ability to play several pitches on the saxophone simultaneously.

Saxophonist Neil Welch is recognized as a leading voice in Seattle’s avant garde community with a growing presence nationally. His work is deeply emotive, exploring the extremities of his instrument from near silence to guttural wails. All About Jazz Magazine called Welch’s solo work ”stunning and extraordinary,” and showed his saxophone as “not only something that can be blown into, but also as something that can be hit, sung into, or screamed down.” He is a member of the bands Bad Luck, King Tears Bat Trip, and his own chamber group Sleeper. He is a founding member of Seattle’s acclaimed improvisation series the Racer Sessions, and in 2011 became a Table and Chairs Music recording artist and founding member. He has released 5 albums under his own name, including 12 Tiny Explosions (2013), Boxwork (2012), Iron Creek (2011), Sleeper (2011), and Narmada (2007).

Rhys Tivey Qt. + The Sky Is a Suitcase

Innovative NYC-based trumpeter, vocalist, and composer Rhys Tivey marked a bold debut with the release of his album, No Voice No More. The album exposes his quartet’s firm roots in jazz and free improvisation while blending dynamic overtones of memorable melody and cinematic composition. New material incorporates indie-influenced lyrics and vocals. This performance will feature Seattle musicians Gregg Belisle-Chi (guitar), Chris Icasiano (drums), and Tim Carey (bass).

The Sky is a Suitcase plays original free-form compositions and improvisations. Its members use focused listening and lighting-quick communication to step up together through the infinite above. The result is at times sharp and dark, deep and warm. Michael Gebhart, drums; Carmen Rothwell, bass; Levi Gillis, tenor sax; Raymond Larsen, trumpet.

Seattle Composers’ Salon

The Seattle Composers’ Salon fosters the development, performance and appreciation of new music by regional composers and performers. At bi-monthly, informal presentations, the Salon features finished works, previews, and works in progress. Composers, performers, and audience members gather in a casual setting that allows for experimentation and discussion. Everyone is welcome! Composers for this month include Paul Gillespie, Jessika Kenney, Jim Knapp, Angelique Poteat.